Yes. I’m Thick as a Brick

My name is Stephen. I live in Brisbane, Australia. I’m too old to play with toys. I love my LEGO.

My earliest LEGO sets were boxes of blocks – I’m old enough to have had sets that came without instructions!

Yep. I’m THAT old.

While I had plenty of great sets like postmen, ambulance and what-not, it wasn’t until Classic Space (or just “Space” as it was called then) came out that my passion exploded.

After I ‘grew out’ of LEGO in my teenage years, I was gifted the occasional set for birthdays or special occasions (two Death Stars mark my 30th and 40th). And for some reason in 2020 I had time on my hands and got back into it.

This is my way of sharing my love of LEGO. Fifty (cough) one years and counting …